Pat Skalsky

Executive & Leadership Coach


"To help perfect self-awareness."

We overplay our strengths, underestimate our development needs, repeat patterns and biases, and misjudge how others perceive our actions.  Pat provides a forum and an approach to improve self-awareness along these dimensions to help leaders bring a more balanced approach to their work and relationships, which in turn makes happier and better leaders.

As executives get promoted to the most senior leadership positions they find it more and more difficult to find opportunities to reflect on their leadership. Pat supports these leaders in identifying and attaining their goals especially in the areas of:

  • Developing "Executive Presence" (confidence and visibility, self-awareness, profile and personal branding)
  • Surviving promotion (stress, work life balance, new relationships and team dynamics)
  • Moving from Management to Leadership (creating a vision, managing the energy, enabling action)
  • Career Advancement (visibility, influence and perception)
  • Influential Leadership (reputation, enhanced skill set and presence).

Pat is also known as a designer and leader of highly impactful mentoring programs that cost-effectively lift leadership skills and engagement across organisations.


  • Master of Business Coaching, University of Wollongong
  • Leadership Profile Certification: Level 1
  • Leadership Circle Culture Certification: Level 2
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC): Master Practitioner


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An Executive Coach with AltusQ since 2008, Pat works alongside organisations to support their successful leaders and high potential employees in achieving positive, long-term, measurable outcomes for themselves and their teams.

Pat previously held a series of senior positions within global hospitality firms and her journey saw her work alongside a number of large multi-national organisations including the Commonwealth Bank, McDonald’s, AMP and IBM. More recently she supported the merger and integration of three newly acquired specialist businesses into a single niche business for the Flight Centre Group.

In her spare time Pat is a Board Director at the Darlinghust Theatre Company, a voluntary mentor with TIME (Travel Industry Mentoring Experience) and a volunteer coach with the Marketing Academy.

EMCC Master Practitioner




Andrew Barham from Brickworks

AltusQ developed and delivered a managed mentoring program pilot for Brickworks where 100% of the participants ended up saying they would recommend the program to a colleague. As a result 2019's follow-up program has been massively over-subscribed. A good problem to have!

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Genesis IT

Jon Hampson

Get the leader right and the business will follow - at least that's the theory being followed by Jon Hampson, NSW State Manager of Genesis IT, and his coach Pat Skalsky. It's an approach that already paying big dividends.

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"I had the pleasure of working with Pat during a critical time for my business. I had a key focus and high expectations around the development of my leadership objectives and importantly the strategy associated around the successful deployment and implementation of key initiatives. I found that Pat's coaching was crucial in my development both personally and professionally."

Jennifer Wood

Regional Sales Manager, Bankwest

"I always look forward to our sessions and I could not have hoped for someone better than you to take me along this journey, I feel you keep me honest and challenged. I know you are truly listening, your advice is practical and your suggestions always make sense. Thank you!"

Thibault de Polignac

Head of Sales, SAI Global

"I look back at how far I have come from when I first started my coaching sessions, to where I am now. The changes I have made are now embedded and I'm really enjoying my renewed confidence levels and the benefits that come with being more confident. I am on the brink of securing a new role of which was one I truly thought out of reach and I can now see exactly where I want to be and what I want to achieve over the next 12 months."

Kylie Dinwoodie

Director Private Banking East Coast, Bankwest

"As a female in a male dominated environment and industry, personal positioning and emotional management is key to being a successful leader. Coaching gave me context on this and provided me with strategies on how to position myself and manage my emotions. These are important skills to have when wanting to progress in an organisation."

Elaine Brodie



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