Uninspired? The Big 5 executive coaching strategies

Executive Coaching takes on a number of tasks but most assignments fall into 2 categories:

  • Developing high potential executives and
  • Facilitating a transition into a new position or upwards into a more senior role

Coaching is less about fixing problem behavior rather more about enhancing the performance of valued executives.

Success storiesAmy, a divisional director of an Australian Bank, was every organisation’s dream employee. She was driven, goal centric and an outstanding leader of her team.

But what she was lacking, was inspiration.

Her direct report was process driven, inward looking and shy. Amy was the opposite.  She wanted someone to look up to who she could emulate, admire, learn from and get excited by.

As I was taken on by the organisation to coach Amy, I saw my role as finding a way to help keep her engaged within the organisation as there was a strong risk of her moving on.

So what our strategy was:

  1. To identify individuals within the bank and its sister organisation who did motivate and inspire Getting to these people wasn’t hard; typically inspiring leaders engage others openly and love the opportunity to add another to their list!
  2. She used this as the first step of building her internal profile outside of her department and she found herself soon being contacted by like-minded colleagues who were keen to know more about her skills, business interests and passions.
  3. Broadening her network in the bank gave her the opportunity of getting to build new contacts so if the time came where she wanted to change roles her expanded circle would come in handy opening doors within the organisation.
  4. For Amy to look inside herself to find what it was outside of the workplace that inspired her and to accelerate that activity. As it turned out this was her fitness which became a massive focus and source of motivation.
  5. And to continue to build her know-how and knowledge. She did this by enrolling in a two year degree which equipped her well to make a move in time if necessary.

As it happens within a year, her direct report was removed from the role and she was asked to step up. All five strategies we deployed served her well and placed her in a perfect place to continue to thrive both personally and for the organisation.

Would you like to be developing your up and coming executives in taking your company forward in 2016 and beyond?

Executive Coach supporting Female Directors
Focus: Pat is an exceptional ‘results based’ Executive Coach whose particular niche is developing a leader’s confidence to challenge themselves to perform at a higher level in their current role or advance to their next role in the organisation.

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