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Coaching Foundations Course

This 1-day intensive workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to take their coaching skills to the next level, explore and refine the application of coaching skills in a variety of situations and to gain greater insight into their natural communication style.

Course content

ARCA diagram

The ARCA coaching methodology

Course participants will gain:

  • An understanding of self and of their own capabilities to coach and of the areas they need to focus on to further develop their skills
  • A working knowledge of the ARCA framework for coaching conversations and the ability to move consciously through the key stages of Awareness, Reflection, Choice and Action
  • Awareness of the levels and types of coaching e.g. performance versus developmental coaching, management versus leadership coaching, individual versus team coaching
  • An understanding of the need to ensure an outcome and action orientation in coaching
  • Confidence in their ability to coach “in the moment”
  • Increased comfort with the fact that the coaching conversation cannot be predicted but requires presence and exploration in the moment
  • An understanding the importance of establishing and managing the coaching relationship and associated professional standards that underpin coach/client relationships.


Our training credentials

All of our training programs are built on:

  1. Our 20+ years of real-world experience coaching thousands of client organisations and individuals, and
  2. The standards and coaching philosophies of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

We hold a European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) for components of our Coaching Skills program and continue to pursue further EMCC accreditations for our courses and for our coaches.

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Attendee Feedback

“Highly effective frameworks and numerous practical take always that I was able to put into practice the next day. I highly recommend this course!”

D. Benjamin

Business Owner

“Useful, practical tools and application insights that I’m confident will be highly effective in aiding my leadership style.”

A. McDonald

Director, U&U

“Great value! This course has given me a better understanding of my style and highly effective structure on framing the conversation. 

D. McDevitt

HR Manager, KBR

Course Schedule

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