Introducing AltusQ

AltusQ is an alliance of business coaches, founded in 1999 and operating across Australia. We deliver business, executive and team coaching to assist with the growth of organisations and the development of leaders.

Our coaches are all expert facilitators skilled in guiding teams (both leadership and functional), partners and boards to a shared view of their culture, opportunities, goals and strategies. Alignment is then the foundation on which we help businesses build their capabilities to lead and engage their employees.

All of our coaches are selected for their extensive business experience at a senior level.  As such, they value practice over theory, and focus on ensuring that clients realise a material ROI from coaching.

Our coaching methodologies and frameworks are globally recognised as industry best practice by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), of which we are an accredited member. We are a Founding Member of the Asia-Pacific Branch of the EMCC.

AltusQ works with clients large and small, including large corporates, Federal & State Government organisations, Co-operatives, mid-tier and emerging businesses.

Our people

AltusQ coaches are people who blend a truly unique set of skills. They all come from the real world – they’re experienced business people who value practice over theory. They have awareness and presence – the ability to discern, and to ask, the hard questions that need to be asked. Above all they are passionate about helping businesses and people realise their true potential.

Director and Coach
Focus: Strategic facilitation - helping boards and senior leadership teams set their direction, agree their path and execute their plan.
Focus: Chris is an expert in building high performing teams with a focus on unlocking team dynamics that drive a clear outcome for the organisation, team and individuals within the team. Through a team coaching approach Chris is able to build leadership capabilities, create a culture of generative collaboration and establish a solid platform for sustained performance.
EG Buchler

EG Buchler

Focus: Egbert, much better known to all as “EG”, is a specialist in high-stakes, high-complexity business transformation. He coaches Boards and management teams to align around a shared purpose and strategy and then helps drive the successful implementation of the necessary changes.
Akram Sabbagh

Ak Sabbagh

Focus: Creating space for growth, both personally and commercially. Helping people and businesses to get out of their own way so they can achieve their full potential.
Focus: Getting leaders out of the trenches. Leaders who don’t have time to lead are a common feature of growing businesses. Ivan can fix that.
Project Office
Focus: As the manager of AltusQ's Project Office Barry is mostly a "back room guy" making things happen but he also works with clients on questions of technology, story telling and social media.
Executive Coach supporting Female Directors
Focus: Pat is an exceptional ‘results based’ Executive Coach whose particular niche is developing a leader’s confidence to challenge themselves to perform at a higher level in their current role or advance to their next role in the organisation.
Focus: Helping clients to achieve a clarity of vision by distilling complex environments and challenges down to their core issues. This will then enable the structural and cultural business transformation necessary to achieve sustainable growth.