Project Love

As a part of our ongoing training and development, all AltusQ coaches and staff commit to ongoing training and development.  We run two formal national training conferences per year which require compulsory attendance by all at AltusQ.  These are conducted at different locations across Australia or New Zealand.

As part of our belief in giving back to society and our environment, each conference has a ‘built in’ component of what we term a “Love Project” whereby we take the opportunity to work as one team to give of our services or skills to a local community need or cause, or to support the growth of local businesses by using their services, inviting their owners to attend our training at no charge, etc.

Project Love

Over the years we have assisted numerous businesses, NGOs, charities and community groups in the communities where we run our conferences.

In addition, we encourage our coaches to contribute of their skills to their local communities – to assist their local areas in building business strategy, leadership capability, etc.

Examples of our Love Projects include:

  • Cabarita Beach Community Dune Care – Coastal dune rehabilitation & conservation program: Weeding out non-native flora and replanting native vegetation.
  • Working with local indigenous peoples to bring their culture and values to awareness in our team and clients.
  • Teenager at Risk Half-Way House - Team A: painting and refurb of kitchen.  Team B: yard and general area clean up.  Team C: Coaching the CEO and management team
  • Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation – Board coaching on strategy development
  • Wingate Avenue Community Centre – Team development days, management team training etc.
  • Heart Kids – Chairman role
  • The Humanitarian Group (WA) – Chairman role
  • Jesuit College of Spirituality – Fit for Leadership: Rebooting Spiritual Fitness – Leadership programs joint venture
  • Australian Fundraising Institute – NFP mentoring program
  • Garvan Institute – team and individual coaching
  • Beaumont consulting –mentoring program for 30 NFP’s on leadership skills
  • Helping Hands – leadership and coaching skills program
  • Salvos Legal – Leadership workshops, Board strategy alignment, Partner Executive Coaching – NFP pricing
  • Salvos Legal – Pro bono Partner coaching
  • BreakThru People Solutions – Leadership workshops, Executive Coaching – NFP pricing
  • Stretch-A-Family – Business coaching, Leadership Workshops, Board strategy alignment –  NFP pricing.