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QTeam - Building Incredible Teams

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

Patrick Lencioni

Today, more than at any time in our history, real teamwork in the workplace defines great success. In a world where individuality and ‘solo’ behaviours are celebrated, building, developing and sustaining high performing teams is emerging as the biggest contemporary business challenge.

Whatever shape a team takes, be it corporate boards, partnerships, management, sales, project and the many others that are tasked with getting stuff done, the ability to work together, build trust and buy-in to mutual accountability are the real enablers of competitive advantage.

The QTeam Program

Having coached, worked with or managed teams of all shapes and sizes, AltusQ has a unique set of tools, processes and frameworks for successful team development. We’ve been in the business of creating high-performance, highly potent teams for over 16 years.

Working with teams and team leaders in organisations ranging from the multinationals and the Big 4 banks, through to small business, Boards, government, sales and project teams, we’ve been able to develop and tailor a suite of powerful programs to match the needs of any team.

Being in a team is not the same as being a team player...

The QTeam program enables teams that are not just ready for business, but are the confident drivers of change, able to embrace conflict, act creatively and commit in an accountable, clear and aligned way.

The QTeam program is not just a training program. We don’t just work with building the toolset and skillset for successful teams. We add the third – potent dimension – of mindset. Mindset is the piece that enables a team to take what they have learned and apply it to their daily challenges. It is the critical third dimension that takes a team beyond the training into sustained success.

QTeam Program Modules

A high-performance program for modern day teams

Building Trust

Trust is the most elusive yet most powerful commodity of contemporary business. It is the key attribute of the high performing team.

Our highly skilled coaches excel in enabling the authenticity in teams that embraces difference, enabling the productive conflict that magnifies the impact of the individuals in contrast to what any could achieve on their own.

From 'I' to 'We'

The biggest challenge in building high performing teams is to create the shift from individual to mutual accountability.

We help teams to reveal the pitfalls and barriers to collaboration, unite through common goals and identify and harness their unique strengths to achieve success and have more fun along the way.

Leading Teams

Team leaders are responsible for building the social connectedness that binds all great teams.

The QLead program creates team leaders who can articulate a compelling destination and engage with their teams to embrace the journey.

Sustaining High Performance

Through our team coaching programs teams develop deeper skills as they share and leverage each other’s experiences, grounding new knowledge in their everyday environment

Importantly, the QTeam program helps to build valuable team dynamics that continue back in the workplace.

The QTeam Program enables teams to benefit from the true measure of high performance, harnessing their energy and skills for the exponential performance uplift gained when team goals are preferenced over those of the individual, when 'I' is supplanted by 'We'.

Download the QTeam Program brochure here (PDF).


"No one emerged unchanged. The techniques that the AltusQ program gave us enabled our team to initiate and conduct some difficult but ultimately rewarding conversations, bringing about a significant cultural change leading to an uplift in the efficiency and impact of our business."

Karin Hawkins

Former Executive Manager ANZ Bank

"The QTeam Program has been so successful for building team trust, performance, creativity and fulfillment that we are about to cascade the Leadership program to the next level of management. The ability of AltusQ to help us gain insights using our own language, with a gentle but firm approach, has really resonated with the team."

Executive Director

NSW Government Agency