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QTransition - Protecting Your Future

Recent surveys indicate that, whilst over 75% of business owners will rely in part on the proceeds of their business sale to top up their superannuation, less than 25% have a clear exit strategy.

We have found that this gap is often caused by discussions surrounding transition choices going into the “too hard basket” especially where it is perceived that conflict or disappointment may arise.

We help our clients overcome the fear, uncertainty and doubt to become clear about their choices so they can identify and execute a viable transition strategy.

More specifically, we help our clients:

  • Clarify why they are selling and what their post succession phase would look like post
  • Get clear about what assets they are building to sell to improve the multiple they ultimately receive for their business
  • Build these assets over time
  • Reduce the business’s reliance on them
  • Understand when best to sell
  • Who to target and how best to approach them (Internal? External? Sell or merge with competitor? IPO?)
  • How to manage and not confuse income, equity and control conversations with internal stakeholders
  • Have the more difficult discussions, especially in the case of family transition
  • Brief and work efficiently with their accountant and advisors

Please contact us if you would like to arrange an obligation free coffee to discuss your particular transition opportunity and how we may be able to assist.

What are you growing to sell?

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Leffler Simes

Chris Goodman - Leffler Simes

Creating and growing a successful business is an impressive achievement but it can all be wasted if you can't eventually exit the business with an appropriate reward for your efforts. Luckily this is a "solved problem" that a good coach can guide you through.

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“The key for me being able to exit my business at the right time and for the right outcome was to have a succession plan in place well before I was ready to exit … AltusQ enabled me to clarify my exit expectations, provided me with the capability to create and implement plans that more than doubled the valuation multiple of the business. And I  got a succession plan that saw me go from working seven days a week, to three days and ultimately to a complete exit and complete freedom to choose my next path in life.”

Michael Wade

Former business owner of Earth Data

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