Ivan Gavran

Business Coach


Ivan focusses on getting leaders out of the trenches. Leaders who don’t have time to lead are a common feature of growing businesses. Ivan helps them to restructure their businesses to better control growth and/or better manage expenses. He does this by getting leaders clear and aligned around their commercial vision, structure and required leadership attributes.

Ivan is often engaged to help businesses grow to the next level through organisational structure and developing leadership skills.

  • The right organisational structure ensures the right person is in the right job at the right pay grade.  The outcome typically is an increased leadership capacity for strategic tasks.
  • Leadership skills development is an important part of the implementation of any new structure. Moving a CEO out of day-day-day requires a different leadership approach and a new skill.  Businesses cannot grow quicker than the leaders, Ivan’s motto is to "grow businesses by growing the people".

Typical projects include:

  • Organisational structure design
  • Facilitating "vision and strategy" retreats
  • Membership of advisory boards
  • CEO coaching
  • Leadership development.


  • Bachelor of Science (Maths and Statistics)
  • Certified AltusQ coach and coach trainer.


Originally trained as a ‘numbers geek’ completing a Science (Maths and Statistics) degree, Ivan honed his skills across the Financial Services sector with roles at Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank and Westpac. Ivan held various senior roles within these organisations, and was chartered to lead teams managing P&Ls, new product development and process re-engineering.

He has held several board positions including the Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and the North Ryde Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank.

Ivan is also a doting father to Maks (14), Lucas (13) and Anabel (11), married to Marijana and is a part-time home-gym enthusiast.


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Gate 7

Jo Palmer

What do you do when your business is thriving but the workload is grinding you down? For Jo Palmer, founder and MD of multi-award-winning tourism marketing agency Gate 7 the answer was simple - get a coach!

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Reliable Food Distributors

Ben Gullo

All emerging businesses experience growing pains of some sort - there's really nothing new about them. For Reliable Food Distributors the key was finding a coach who had seen it all before and could guide them past the pitfalls.

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"When I first went to Ivan, I was confused...lots of good news stories for the business but I was just overwhelmed by work and desperately in need of some guidance to help alleviate the pressure. Ivan was very calm and very systematic, very respectful and very insightful...In Ivan, I found a friend and collaborator, someone who helped me understand what was going on in the business and what needed to happen next."

Jo Palmer

Owner / Managing Director, Gate 7

"Ivan has a disarming power of logic which he applied with great effect. He could guide a meeting out of 'rabbit holes' by asking what seemed like 'obvious' and 'simple' questions in retrospect but which weren't often considered by others trying to present complex topics. A sign of strong intellect and a pleasure to work with, one which I would gleefully take the opportunity to do again."

Joel Ippoliti

CPO at Seedrs

"Ivan has been instrumental in not only providing clear and practical direction for my business, but just as importantly, giving me the tools I need on a personal level to ensure the continued growth of the company...An excellent and insightful communicator, Ivan has been fantastic in identifying 'blocks' and inspiring me to move forward positively to reach business and life goals. I would recommend Ivan to any business looking to enhance the skills and capabilities of their organisation."

Chris Waters

Design Director. Brand Strategist. Graphic Designer.

"Our business coach - Ivan Gavran from Altus Q - was an absolute pleasure to work with. His ability to analyse our business, and allow each of us to focus on the issues at hand, along with his ability to facilitate the multitude of workshops, has made my life that much easier. The company is going from strength to strength, and we’ll continue to use Ivan on an ongoing basis to ensure we’re continually focussed on the tasks at hand, and continually improving what we do. I’d recommend Ivan to any company who’s willing to take the next step in their growth trajectory."

Alojz Kiseli

VP of Product Management at Zift Solutions



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