Livia Wang

Billion-dollar success story: Access Corporate Group

Why were we engaged?

5 years ago Livia Wang, CEO of Access Corporate Group, had an idea of helping Australian Businesses into China. She wanted some support in turning the idea into a reality.  That was the start of the coaching engagement.

What sort of business is Access Corporate group?

Access Corporate Group is an innovative brand management corporation. With “Everyday Better Life” as its core vision, Access is devoted to bringing global leading brands in health, beauty and lifestyle to consumers to lead a better life every day.

Through brand marketing, Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) distributor engagement, omnichannel distribution and cross-border ecommerce, Access has built an effective bridge between quality brands and consumers around the world. Access not only provides marketing consultancy for brands, boosts brand awareness through internet and social media, but also facilitates the sales of these brands products via omnichannel retail distributions, cutting-edge KOC distributor business model and cross-border ecommerce platforms. Moreover, Access helps brands to launch new products by providing real-time consumer feedback and consumer behaviour insights.

At present, Access manages over 20 quality global brands in Health, Beauty and Lifestyle with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Hangzhou, China and more than 600 employees globally.

What services did we provide?

Business and leadership coaching.

What have the outcomes been?

5 years from when the Coaching began, the Business has grown from start-up to now be exceeding $1 billion in turnover.

Leadership capability has been developed in the business beyond the Directors to ensure a controlled spread of decision-making and scaleability

Livia Wang, CEO

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