Jo Palmer

Surviving success: Gate 7

Why were we engaged?

Jo Palmer, founder and Managing Director of Gate 7, was working too hard. Her business was going great but her personal workload was unsustainable. She decided to find herself a coach who could help her get her life back and continue growing the business.

What sort of business is Gate 7?

Gate 7 is a small (~25 staff) but multi-award-winning marketing agency specialising in travel and tourism representation in Australia and New Zealand. Gate 7 delivers exceptional sales, marketing and public relations results to its A-list tourism client portfolio.

What services did we provide?

Executive, business and leadership coaching.

What have the outcomes been?

Gate 7 now has a team with an up skilled leadership team with a toolbox of models to help identify and navigate a range of situations, a sound financial structure and a leader who is excited to tackle the next 21 years.

Jo Palmer, Founder and Managing Director

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