Engagement Capability Report 2013

It’s a journey not a destination

Engagement Report 2013 cover

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Three years and almost three thousand survey responses later we are getting closer to a ‘holy grail’ for extraordinary levels of Employee Engagement. The Engagement Capability study enables us to better understand the characteristics shared by highly engaged, high performance organisations and provides us with actionable insights to improve from wherever we are on our journey.

What we have in the findings is a guide; what to do to give you the best chance of having high employee engagement and exceptional business results; an organisation of “True Believers”.

We’ve dug deeper

This year we asked more questions to learn specifically about the impact of a tough economic climate on engagement strategies, who in the organisation is accountable for employee engagement and what employees should or could do to take responsibility for their own engagement.

The results are both hard facts and opinions of the leaders and managers in the c.1500 organisations that participated.