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Cultivating criticism through coaching

Aug 13, 2015

Cultivating criticism through coaching We all know that feedback is crucial as a means of measuring how we are performing, being perceived and to help us develop. Yet we have a love-hate relationships with it; we love hearing were doing well and are on track for the next promotion and yet hate it when it…

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Which way to go?

How to plan in an ever-changing market

Jul 21, 2015

How to plan in an ever-changing market [This article first appeared in ShortList, the premium news and analysis source for senior recruitment professionals.] Freeing up recruitment company leaders’ time to focus on big picture business planning has never been more important, according to business coach Stephen Shepherd. Business planning has become more difficult since the GFC,…

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Online mentoring

Why your mentoring program needs to go online

Jul 10, 2015

Why your mentoring program needs to go online On the face of it mentoring would seem a quintessentially human activity. It inherently centres on a close, personal relationship between two individuals and it is the quality of that relationship that ultimately determines success or failure. What possible justification could there be for adding technology to…

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Rocket Team

The secret of a top team culture

Jun 15, 2015

The secret of a top team culture I WALKED into an office earlier this year and there on the wall were their beautifully crafted company values, the graphic design was sensational and there was all the trappings of a great culture, fantastic fit-out, staff amenities, team photos, and awards aplenty –  it was a first-class…

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Ivan Gavran cartoon

Are you stuck in the trenches?

Apr 7, 2015

Are you stuck in the trenches? An interesting thing happens with growth, there are consequences. Most growth stories follow a similar pattern: Business starts off being really good at what they do The process of running the Business is loose, which works well Enough time passes and the Business becomes bigger and more complex The…

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Business vision and creativity

Make position the company’s “differentiator”

Jan 25, 2015

Make position the company’s “differentiator” IN my last column I wrote about the importance of starting with “why”” when undertaking a strategic planning process. The purpose of a strategic planning process is to set a clear direction for your business and, as importantly, what are the strategies or projects to focus on. The contextual business…

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Delloitte Women in Consulting - Executive Presence Workshop

So what’s the big deal about executive presence?

Dec 17, 2014

So what’s the big deal about executive presence? The concept of “executive presence” is getting quite a lot of chatter around it as a development for leaders getting to the next rung.  The problem is that most people don’t even know what the heck it is but rather it falls into the “I’ll know it when…

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Great stories

Five reasons to tell better stories

Apr 21, 2014

Five reasons to tell better stories One of the defining challenges for business, and for business leaders, is now “explaining yourself to the Internet”. How do you get people to recognize and appreciate your unique value in the global maelstrom of competing claims and distractions? At an even more basic level, how do you explain…

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