Barry Thomas

Technology Strategist


Helping organisations to make smart choices about technology and technology-led disruption.


Bachelor of Jurisprudence - Monash University

Graduate Diploma, Document Management - RMIT University

Masters, Business (Knowledge Management) - RMIT University


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Barry has worked in the IT field for 30 years, for big businesses, international success stories and ambitious startups. Since 2000 he has focused on the difficult task of building industry consensus around innovative technical standards, leading efforts in mortgage lending, land titles and now the emerging Consumer Data Right (CDR) and Open Banking initiatives.

Having joined AltusQ in 2010 Barry has worked with a diverse range of clients including digital marketing agencies, software developers, security consultants, multi-national construction firms, industry associations, sporting bodies, legal and accounting firms, health insurers and urban planners.

Barry is also responsible for the AltusQ Project Office, where he ensures AltusQ coaches have the technical support they need to do their jobs. One aspect of this role has been the design and implementation of the online program management platform for AltusQ's award-winning coach training courses. As a writer, photographer and videographer Barry is also responsible for much of the content in the AltusQ website, as well as being the site's developer and administrator.

Barry is actively involved in the establishment of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in the Asia Pacific Region. He is currently the Vice President, Accreditation for the EMCC APR.

Barry recently returned to live in Melbourne with his wife and tween-age daughter after 25 years based in Sydney.


"In a technically and politically complex environment Barry's ability to ask the right (if sometimes difficult) question at the right time has been invaluable. I highly recommend him to any business."

Andrew Fisher

Program Manager, UTS

"Barry was instrumental in setting up the research collaboration between NICTA and LIXI. His insights into the challenges of the lending industry drove several successful R&D projects, and these provided the basis and the inspiration for much of the industry-centric research in NICTA's software engineering research team."

Paul Mackie

Business Development Manager, NICTA

"Barry's help in developing our social media platform was invaluable. His structured approach enabled us to clearly identify the mediums appropriate for us and develop a realistic implementation plan."

Ian Robertson

CEO, JBA Urban Development Planners

"Barry has the ability to cut through the noise of the many conversations and mixed agendas within in any enterprise and distil them into a clear and concise message, that can be easily consumed by those inside and outside the business. Enlightening and invigorating!"

Mark Byers

Co-founder, ibCom


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