Is your organisation hitting its targets?

The recent Study of Australian Leadership survey showed that many Australian organisations are underperforming – their leaders and managers don’t know the basics of business and they are not innovative enough to survive in the global marketplace.  More than 40 per cent of organisations did not meet their performance targets for return on investment and profitability.

Fairly damning facts……and your gut reaction may be that your organisation is one of them…..

This study is the first major review of leadership and management capability in Australia since 1995. Conducted by the University of Melbourne, the study surveyed almost 8,000 individuals across 2,700 organisations.

If Australia is to maintain national competitiveness and generate growth and jobs, organisations need to navigate through a phase of increased uncertainty and ambiguity, disruption and change. To survive, organisations need to innovate and adapt, and to develop new capabilities and new sources of growth.

A critical question is whether Australian organisational leaders are ready to meet these new challenges. Or whether the extended period of economic growth driven by the resources boom has made Australian organisational leaders complacent and unprepared for the future? Have Australian organisations invested adequately in their leadership and management capabilities to navigate through these complex and uncertain times? If not, will these various changes have adverse and lasting effects on future growth and prosperity?

– from the Executive Summary

The survey points to the need to develop leaders, middle and frontline managers of Australian organisations so that they are more capable, with a stronger belief in their own abilities.

Coaching your leaders and managers can help you and your people to be more self-aware, open to creative thought and can build your team’s unity, in a climate of increased uncertainty, ambiguity, disruption and change. That awareness, thinking and unity, in turn, can improve culture and bottom-line performance.

Try coaching – we expect you’ll be impressed with your Return on Investment.

Focus: Tim’s focus is on ‘big picture’ strategy coaching, both individually and for teams. He also has a passion for change management and leadership development. He welcomes opportunities to develop people in both public and private sector.

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