Are you losing the art of conversation?

Really great to present to an enthused group of Canberrans recently at our Thank Gods It’s Monday event. We all learn from these experiences – one thing I learned was to be reminded how important conversations are, particularly connected ones.

Maybe you’ll like the quote I read recently – ‘Swimming in a sea of information and drowning in ignorance’. Think about that for a while.

Try this : Breathe in….and out…… (repeat as often as you need to slow down and focus)….. Now time for thinking – we are really exposed to so much ‘immediate’ information from phones, internet etc. How much time is all that exposure to information distracting us from being human….and doing things humans used to do such as interacting properly with others through real conversations? Real conversations give you a feeling of connection, of being present, and being human. Try one and see how you feel.

Is that a change in mindset you need to practice?

Try it at least once a day for the next 100 days. People will appreciate your attention.

Focus: Tim’s focus is on ‘big picture’ strategy coaching, both individually and for teams. He also has a passion for change management and leadership development. He welcomes opportunities to develop people in both public and private sector.

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