Are you in control?

We all like to feel we are in control. Thinking we are in control is certainly better than believing that we are not in control and thinking that the world is in control of us!

But I must admit to changing my thinking about the words I use in talking about 'control', after reading a recent HuffPost blog by Alex Budak.

Alex's point is that we often over-value being "in control' and under-value being "under control". Both are still about how we handle our environment and those around us, but with an important difference.

When we start out in management and leadership, we often 'grab' control - micro-managing and only acting as if we are right (and no-one else). This 'in control' approach serves us to a certain extent - but as we increase our leadership, we may need to transition to having things 'under control' - setting our vision and values, empowering people to do their work and letting go of making every decision.

It may seem contradictory to allow yourself to lead people better by letting go of the micro stuff and focussing on the macro stuff. Many leaders do not make this transition and stick with old habits. Those that do make this transition actually feel more 'in control' by letting go of control. Think about it!

Note this is an opinion-based commentary and is not based on evidence.

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