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QGrow - SNAPSHOT 360º

How do you quickly find out what's really happening to, and within, an organisation? It's simple - you just ask the people who work there.

Our standard approach utilises some or all of the following fact-finding methods, depending on circumstances and client needs:

The Staff Perceptions Survey takes little time or effort for staff to complete (people have been known to complete it on their phones while waiting for their morning coffee) yet is powerful enough to provide clear insights into how engaged people are and exactly what their areas of concern might be. Importantly we guarantee the anonymity of individual responses to this survey - your people will be able to respond frankly and honestly, to an extent impossible with any internally-run survey.

An additional feature of our surveys is that we are also able to provide clients with a comparison report showing exactly where their business stands compared agains the baseline derived from all our other clients. this makes it possible to say "we're doing well compared to other businesses" as well as "we're doing well compared to ourselves last time".

The Team Perceptions Survey quickly provides deep information on how well a team is working together, and on where the opportunities lie to lift the team's performance. Note that a "team" here could be a sales team, a project team, the executive management team or even the organisation's Board.


Our goal is to give management a strong understanding of what's going well, what could be going better, and of the options for immediate and longer-term improvement.

Valuable as our organisational snapshots are at the outset, where they truly add value is when they are repeated. It is only when a comparison is made over time that we can truly quantify the ROI of coaching interventions.