Photo Submission

Generally speaking it is polite to provide attribution for non-stock photos we publish. In many cases (for example images published under a Creative Commons licence) we are legally obligated to attribute the author.
Max file size is 2Mb. If the file exceeds this please resize it before submitting. Images should ideally be 500 x 500 pixels or greater.
Please provide some context for the image - i.e. where was it taken, what is it about, who appears in the image?
If you would like a specific caption to appear with the image please provide it here.
Keep in mind that different images works best on different social media channels. For instance Facebook can be appropriate for more casual and even funny images while it's generally best to be more serious on LinkedIn. You'll get more leverage out of Twitter if you are an active Twitter user yourself. Instagram works best with "good" photos - i.e. no half-blurry "happy snaps" please.

Image licensing

If you were the photographer please note that by submitting your photo here you are granting AltusQ a licence to use the photo as it sees fit. If you did not take the photo yourself it is your responsibility to ensure that the photographer has granted permission for AltusQ to use the image commercially. If the image was sourced from a stock photography library please provide evidence of an appropriate licence below.
Name of the stock library (e.g. Getty Images, iStock, EyeEm, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, 500px, Flickr, etc.) or "Private photo"
Invoice or licence document. Even "free" images are typically available under a licence of some form and we need to know the terms of that licence before we can use them.