We bring passion to strategy and strategy to passion

AltusQ is a coaching firm that delivers performance improvement for people and organisations across Australia. Our coaches are all expert facilitators skilled in the art of guiding businesses, teams and individuals at any level to powerful strategic, functional and cultural outcomes.



Since 1999 AltusQ has helped thousands of businesses, and business owners, cut through the noise and focus on what truly makes a business grow.


Team coaching is a powerful and cost-effective way to quickly make a real difference to organisational performance and employee engagement.


Leaders, and leadership, are critical determinants of organisational health and success. QLead is our proven program for ensuring that your leaders are the best they can be.

Executive Coaching

Even the best people can benefit from some one-to-one support. Our experienced and empathetic executive coaches can provide exactly what's needed.


Whilst over 75% of business owners will rely in part on the proceeds of their business sale to top up their superannuation, less than 25% have a clear exit strategy. We can help.


Mentoring programs are powerful assets that often underperform if poorly managed. Our expertise enables us to run programs that reliably deliver long-lasting impacts.


Coaching is a critical skill for leaders and for professional coaches alike. AltusQ offers coaching skills training that blends classroom work with supervised field work and mentoring.


AltusQ runs focussed and efficient stakeholder surveys for clients large and small. We guarantee the anonymity of survey respondents, thereby allowing truly frank and fearless feedback.

AltusQ is closely aligned with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), an international peak body for coaching that promotes the highest possible standards for coaching quality. We are playing a leading role in establishing EMCC APR (EMCC in the Asia Pacific Region).

We have received European Quality Awards for our coaching skills training.

Our coaches adhere to the EMCC Code of Ethics.

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Our clients say...

“This training program was a great investment...Everyone felt [the AltusQ facilitator] was armed with techniques to improve and capture their self awareness and ability to coach. Everyone has benefited from this…”

~ Nichola McAlpine, Executive Manager, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

“AltusQ has created a unique, experiential, and accelerated learning experience that is transforming our people.”          

~ Vanessa Parkin, Think Education

"We overplay our strengths, underestimate our development needs, repeat patterns and biases, and misjudge how others perceive our actions.  You provide a forum and an approach to improve self-awareness along those dimensions to help us bring a more balanced approach to their work and relationships which in turn makes us happier, better leaders."

~ Chris Hill, CEO University of Europe, Laureate Digital

“As Program Manager I could not have asked for better support…to ensure success for the individuals, the program and myself.”

~ Fiona Estella, Principal Project Officer, Queensland Government Chief Information Office

“The feedback we have had from the mentors and mentees has been overwhelming…”

~ Fundraising Institute of Australia

“The skills gained through coaching were not only powerful in the team’s professional lives, the benefits flowed into their personal lives in many cases with startling results.”

~ Karin Hawkins, Former Executive Manager, Mortgages, ANZ