Case Study Submission


If you have had a positive experience with a client that you think might make a good case study please complete this form. Please complete as many of the fields below as you can, in as much detail as you can, but don't stress if there's some stuff you don't know. Bullet points are fine and you don't need to worry about grammar or expression (unless you want to). The information you provide will be turned into to a draft case study that you will get the opportunity to review at least once before it is published.
What is the name of the organisation this case study is about?
URL of the client organisation.
What are some key facts about this organisation? E.g. metrics like staff numbers, turnover, profit, valuation? What do they do/sell? Where are they based? How long have they existed? Are they doing well or were they struggling in some way?
When and how did AltusQ come to be engaged by this client? What were we engaged to do?
How did we set out to meet the client's needs? What happened along the way?
What did the client get from engaging us? Be as specific as possible. Ideally provide figures that can be compared against those provided in "About this organisation" above - e.g. revenue, profit or valuation.
Include the name and title of the person providing the testimonial if at all possible but keep in mind their details will appear in the case study - so make sure you get their permission for this.
Client interviews (face to face or via phone or email) are not essential but they're a very nice-to-have.
Who was involved from AltusQ? What roles did each coach take in the project?
A photo of a workshop we ran, or the front of the premises, or the CEO with a big smile...anything like that. Please provide an image description or caption below. Max. file size is 2Mb. If you have more than one photo to submit please email them directly to