Kirrily Murphy

Mentoring Program Management for Cottee Parker

Why were we engaged?

To develop and deliver a mentoring program for national architecture firm Cottee Parker.

What services did we provide?

Mentoring program involving:

  • Initial half-day training workshops of both mentors and mentees
  • Quarterly mentor and mentee ‘meets’ (workshops) to deepen skills and to prepare participants for the next stages of mentoring (ensure all are on track)
  • A finale workshop to deepen overall learnings from the experience and to bring the program to a close
  • The cohorts were surveyed upfront and at the end against metrics uncovered in the initial ROI workshop.

When did this engagement take place?

2017 (ongoing) - year 2 intake has begun.

What did the program participants think?


  • "It's been a great experience to keep momentum in my professional development. I also feel more valued as an employee to be given this opportunity and have the time invested in my professional development."
  • "Great experience, took away some really good skills I am using both in and outside of work. I would recommend this programme to mentees in the future."
  • "It gave me very useful advice that I can apply to all areas of my life, both professionally and personally. Fruitful."
  • "Incredible experience - life changing!! Such a valuable programme."


  • "Really enjoyed the progress and was good to see my mentee develop over the last 12 months."
  • "Rewarding to 'give something back' for the next generation of architects and it made me reflect on where I am and where I am going."
  • "Very satisfying to know that I can apply my experience to help some else to achieve greater heights than they thought possible."
  • "Very good experience. It provided a great opportunity for personal reflection and goal setting."

Kirrily Murphy, General Manager

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