Case study: Achieving strategic clarity

Overview: $750m FinTech experiencing explosive growth resulting in unclear priorities. Coaching delivered a clear and aligned 5-year vision which led to significant client wins.

Issues addressed

  • Years of rapid expansion had resulted in a culture where the ‘urgent constantly overwhelmed the important’, and the infrastructure was ‘creaking’
  • Industry disruption is anticipated & competition for clients is fierce
  • The Board was directing management to continue to the growth, but strategic direction was unclear, meaning no priorities could be set
  • Staff Surveys revealed inconsistent understanding of, or alignment to, management priorities.

Actions implemented

  • 2-Day Strategy Offsite to clarify and align contextual choices and value drivers, followed by a program of regular implementation meetings:

Vision for Growth diagram

Results achieved

  • Management & board developed a clear and aligned 5 Year Vision for the firm, which was then communicated to all stakeholders
  • 8 specific goals were identified with implementation plans developed
  • These were integrated into the annual budget, and individual management accountability for each was assigned
  • Strategic re-alignment of operations executed, including investment in infrastructure, and hiring programs
  • Senior management freed up to re-focus on external strategic opportunities, resulting in a major client win.